When I was five, I was fascinated by how a kaleidoscope could produce such beautiful and unpredictable patterns, and then never replicate them again. How could they all come from the same device, yet be so different? Later in life I was blown away by how Clifford Simak in “City” used kaleidoscope as a metaphor for a complete insight into another person’s soul. Indeed, every person deep inside is an enormous collection of thoughts, memories, feelings, beliefs. They come together in so many combinations, making us who we are every second of life – just as pieces of glass come together making a pattern in a kaleidoscope. So simple and so true…

This blog does not have a particular topic or thread, and the posts are not frequent. I just write down things that I think about, and have time to write down. Sometimes these are topics that I am asked to think about by other people. These, along with my personal web site www.alexeymalakhov.com, are just little pieces of glass in my own personal kaleidoscope.


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